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Get Relief With Our Reflexology And Acupressure Treatments
Combining traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern techniques, plus our own unique approach, Easy Cozy Wellness in Abbotsford offers both Reflexology (foot massage) and Acupressure (body massage) treatments.

Foot Massage - Reflexology

Uses techniques (mainly fingers, sometimes may use tools) to press acupoints on the whole foot (back and bottom) to reflexes in the body. Those reflexes map to other parts, glands, and organs of the body to address the root cause of pain or discomfort.

$42 – 45 minutes | $58 – 60 minutes

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Body Massage/Acupressure

Applying pressure on key points along meridian pathways removes energy blockages throughout the body by diffusing the toxic build-up that accumulates in the muscle tissue. Your body will feel more balanced and pain free.

$50 – 50 minutes | $60 – 60 minutes | $90 – 90 minutes

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Head and Neck Massage

Experience relaxation of your mind. Relieve pressure and de-stress from multiple areas of your head. Help with headache on top of head, pain behind ear base of skull, and TMJ-related headache. Feel lighter and sleep better.

$38 – 30 minutes

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Combination Treatment – Reflexology & Acupressure

30 minutes for each service for a truly deep treatment.

$62 – 60 minutes | $90 – 90 minutes | $120 – 120 minutes

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Our Team's Unique Approach

Combining traditional Chinese healing techniques with modern natural health practices, we have created the unique “Easy-Cozy-Style” body and foot massage experience. Massage therapists have each developed this skill to control the pressure applied to a client that increases progressively as the body accepts it. It is a much more comfortable and effective treatment approach.

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