Insurance Claims Available

We are Certified Massage Specialists

We are not RMT, but Certified Massage Specialist. We could issue formal invoices for Extended Health Insurance Claims, but not for Health Care.
Our invoices may be accepted by the following insurance companies, subject to different policies.

 SunLife
 Assurances Dalbec
 Claim Secure
 Coughlan & Associates
 Cowan Insurance Group
 DA Towley & Associates
 Desjardins Insurance
 Empire Life
 Group Medical Services
 Industrial Alliance
 Johnson Insurance
 Johnston Group
 National Health Claim
 Saskatchewan Blue Cross
 Manitoba Blue Cross
 Sirius Benefits
 Standard Life

What we need from you...

Full payment for your treatment is required after your massage.  You need to send your receipt to your insurer in order to claim expense.


We are happy to help you with the complicated paperwork and once the reimbursement is received, it will be automatically credited to your EasyCozy member account for future services.